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'The Wolf' | acrylic on canvas

Meet Holly...

Oh hai, I’m the artist behind hollyhedral. I’m 32 years old and a full-time Honors Student at the University of Michigan.
My major is Social Theory and Practice. I’m privileged with a neurodivergent mind for many things; from math and science to art and astrology.
My identity is pangender/pansexual; all pronouns work for me.

About five years ago, I started painting galaxies and just never stopped. I love painting, and multimedia art.
I began making Zodiac constellation paintings, and affixing Swarovski crystals as the constellation stars.
It quickly became my favorite hobby, and I started doing craft shows for my smaller pieces and art shows for my larger ones.

Once school started, I stopped having time to paint and keep up with making art.
My friend suggested I printed my constellation paintings, and I took off running with the idea.
I started bringing hollyhedral to life online and I love where it’s going.  

The idea is simple...

Anyone can upload a pride flag onto a coffee mug and make money… but maybe LGBTQ+ folks should be the ones who get to profit off of Pride. Print on Demand, Digital Retailing, all areas of E-Commerce are seeing a boom… and there’s no shortage of queer creativity.

Shouldn’t we start claiming our space?

That goes for all communities, though. I only express and represent my identity; but one of my goals is featuring a bunch of artistic representation. Maybe be part of a movement. For now, I’m just trying to find a job that lets me study a lot. I hope you enjoy my work <3

Some of my IRL artwork...

Impossible Heart

acrylic on canvas

Only six months passed between painting the photo on the left and the photo on the right. 

Rose of Venus

acrylic and gilded leaf on wood

How can I be both an astrologer and scientist?

Important Note….

Read it on medium

                     "Clean Eden" acrylic on canvas

my natal chart, simplified

Learn a thing or two about astrology by keeping up with my blog!

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