[ hollyhedral ]

[ rhymes with polyhedral ]


  • My prints are of my IRL acrylic galaxy paintings; scanned, then altered with digital effects and layers.

  • Each print product is mastered to over 300 DPI for beautiful, bright printing.

I’m a full-time Honors Student at the University of Michigan at the non-traditional age of 32. My major is Cognitive Science. I’m privileged with a neurodivergent mind for many things; from math and science to art and astrology. My identity is pangender/pansexual; any and all pronouns work for me.


I believe that marginalized communities should claim their space in art—especially commodified art!
Anyone can slap a pride flag on a coffee mug and make money, but I think the profit for Pride belongs in the community. 


That goes for all communities though. I only express and represent my identity; but one of my goals is featuring a whole bunch of artistic representation. Maybe be part of a movement. For now, I’m just trying to find a job that lets me study most of the time.

One last thing….

You may be wondering how I can be both an astrologer and a scientist? That’s easy!
Astrology is not meant to be a science—more like philosophy or protoscience imho. It uses math & science, but it’s not scientific.

It’s a belief system that gives people an excuse to think about their actions and impact on others. It also connects subcultures like the queer community. I’m all about those things!

I wrote an article exploring the issue of astronomy and astrology at length. You can find it on Medium:

"Astronomy & Astrology- Friends with Benefits?"
The rational case for astrology and how it helps science by being its opposite.