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‘The Flames of the Phoenix’ | Some Pisces were lucky and partied. Aries got screwed. Now, the sweethearts of the Zodiac have their memorable solar return.

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Sweet Taureans,
I’m sorry your birthday really sucks this year. You Earthy Bulls are some of the most cherished people in my life. My theory is that you’re known for food and comfort because being around you feels like home… though I’m not mad when you’re in the kitchen. You are a nurturing and protective force.

In the Shadow
Taurus, you seem to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Whether the world means your loved ones or the planet, I hope you’re letting go of the pressure in these times. When something feels like guilt, shame, or expectations — challenge it fiercely. Taurus, you are responsible for so much good in this world, and expectations mostly come from selfish-types. You’re more the self-less type, and remember, protecting that isn’t the same thing as being harmful.

We’re in a wild Taurus season, with four major retrogrades and already one hell of a year. We’re cruising through spring, but the dirty dancing of the planets are setting the stage for Winter Solstice 2020. The longest night marks the end of a 200 year-long astrological cycle — and the beginning of a fresh one. Oh yes, this already busy year is about to pick up speed while we try to get cozy in Taurus. Karma and reflection are the themes directly ahead for a bit, followed by new beginnings. If astrology holds any water, Earth is about to be in a blazing fire; this Phoenix must self-destruct first to be reborn.

Maybe astrology can explain the reprehensible protesting of stay-at-home orders, or the refusal to wear masks — nothing rational can.


Our friend Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, went retrograde in Capricorn on April 25th. Pluto is among the Debbie downers of the sky. Bringing sad times to make the fun times much sweeter. Pain is a necessary part of taking stock of where we’ve come from and where we’re going; these seems like karmic lessons ahead. Pluto rules death, rebirth, and our shadow side. So, continue to expect the worst out of people, governments, and institutions. We can continue to expect horrifying bigotry and probably some increased nationalism.

Pluto isn’t alone in responsible Capricorn, Jupiter’s chilling too — and Saturn is right next door in Aquarius. These tumultuous triplet planets are forming what’s called a conjunction. In astronomy a conjunction refers to the phenomenon of two planets lining up very close in the sky, from Earth’s perspective. In astrology, we agree with science on all that, but then we add in our interpretations of its meaning for Earth. Typically, interpretations of conjunctions suggest these forces will have increased pressure. A cosmic magnifying glass to a weird and uncomfortable bunch of planets hanging out in serious sign.

Look, I’m not impressing anyone by saying that we’re under pressure, retrospective and experiencing profound death during one of the most traumatizing times humanity has experienced. Planets are unnecessary for these truths. What’s cool though is that if we are onto something with following these wandering orbs, there are reasons for hope — despite everything we’ve experienced or are facing. We have some small wins during the flames too.

[graphic by author]

For instance, Mercury’s been squaring this conjuncting trio for some time now. It leaves this awful position during the day on May 1st; and frustrating dead ends may finally start dwindling down. Problems singing up, getting help and collecting unemployment insurance — fingers crossed — will start resolving themselves as Mercury pulls away from the terrible triplets over the next couple days.

Then, May 7th brings us a powerful full moon in Scorpio. Ironically, Neptune will be the star of this lunar show. This is extra nice, because la Luna opposes Mercury, which normally means trouble. In astrology, the Moon is weak or “in fall” while in Scorpio, meaning its influence is muted.

She’s still giving us love though, because the Moon’s is forming a very pleasant trine with Neptune. This slow-moving planet is at its most influential as it travels within the sign it rules. Neptune is doing the cosmic equivalent of living its best life right now in Pisces. And it’s getting busy with Mercury right before Moon turns full. A steamy sextile occurs at exactly three minutes before the Full Moon this month. What do Scorpio, Pisces, the Moon, Neptune and its sextile to Mercury have in common?

If you guessed deep psychic power, it’s probably because that full Moon is coming up — because YES! This aspect is a powerful one in astrology for opening up our intuition and psychic abilities. If you’ve been on a path of bettering yourself and helping others — there’s a chance you can come out of this full moon with hyper-awareness unlike anything before.

[graphic by author]

Unfortunately, following the full Moon are most of the retrogrades. Four days later on May 11th, it starts with Saturn doing the backstroke in Aquarius.

For me, Saturn’s retrogrades are typically a toss-up; with this gas giant, it’s all about karma. Which can show up as the problems in our lives we’ve been avoiding or denying — or long overdue lessons we’re procrastinating. Saturn spends about a third of the year in retrograde, and other far-flung planets spend lots of time backpeddling too. Astrologers interpret this to mean that distant planetary retrogrades don’t affect us all that much. We can think of Saturn like a metaphorical health inspector on a surprise restaurant inspection. Everything may look and feel put together on the surface, but we usually end up facing all the issues we tried to hide; and they’re generally unsurprising and NBD in the grand scheme of things.

But astrology’s next question is tense: will the impacts translate on a global scale? I f*cking hope not, but with our luck — probably. And I think it could appear as all of the rushed and naïve response efforts during covid-19 coming back to bite us. This might show up as: another outbreak because we didn’t social distance long enough; or ill-reactions or health effects from people who are or were treated with chloroquine and other bad-science cures; or maybe the economy finally collapses. Who knows. Even those of us claiming psychic ability can admit the future is uncertain right now.

If far-out planetary movements don’t affect us as much, it means the inner planets affect us a whole lot. We argue Venus to be the most annoying retrograde because of her proximity and comparatively long time spent direct. You can probably predict where I’m going.

Two days after Saturn, Venus goes retrograde in Gemini on May 13th. The planet of love is trekking backwards in our sky to help us evaluate how we’re communicating with loved ones, especially partners. If you’ve been holding onto your truth or burying problems with your partner, you can expect them to rise again with this Saturn/Venus karmic love double-punch.

I’d imagine this transit will start with a lot of fights, arguments and miscommunication. We’ve been stuck social distancing with our loved ones for an overwhelming two months. If battles were not chosen wisely or avoided altogether when they needed addressing; I’m thinking they will come back with a vengeance during the transit. With a collective sudden urge to share real feels, our mantra may become: “Well, actually…”

[graphic by author]

IMHO, the goal of any [non-abusive] conflict should be to reach a mutual understanding; because healthy fights are mostly just unique ideas of the same situation. And when we can identify those conflicting views, the argument becomes way less personal. A productive Venus retrograde might start with attacks and defenses, but it ends with honest and clear communication.

A lot of relationships may end or change during this time. Sometimes we seek partners based on what the world tell us to want. Or we maintain unhappy relationships because well, isn’t that what everyone does? Awareness of what authentically brings us happiness is among the best things we can teach ourselves; and it’s difficult when we grow up being told lesbians are burning in hell. And it may not be obvious that we don’t know it about ourselves. Discovering who we are and what we enjoy are among the most self-empowering things we can do. Breakups are beautiful when they happen because the couple started learning, loving and accepting who they are and what they want.

The last major May transit is the very next day when Jupiter goes into retrograde in Capricorn on May 14th, then the conjuncting triple planets are all in retrograde.

Jupiter is our Zodiac-BFF in the solar system. In astrology, this gas giant gets us the pleasant stuff in life. When it goes retrograde for 4 months, about every 13 months, astrologers think it put us in a reflective mood and empowers us to work on ourselves. Jupiter retrograde lets us take stock of what we’ve been doing and where it’s getting us, and if we want to change direction. This transit also has a habit of bringing some of our inner work to the surface. So, we think this Jupiter motion is a brilliant time to commit to a new goal like quitting smoking. Practical Capricorn influencing buddy Jupiter might mean taking stock of our home, finances, and other practical matters — and figuring out how on earth we’re supposed to plan for future times. Anything we’ve been avoiding, numbing or trying to escape is more likely to come up during this time so we can face it once and for all. Adding in Saturn’s similar impact, and all this going on in pragmatic Capricorn… ‘Denial’ might really just be a river in Egypt when this is all over; and the classic pun will be no more.

Besides astrological solar system drama, times are uncertain and scary right here on earth. And nobody can know for sure what’s ahead. In response to threats of nature, we’ve created more for ourselves. If I’m onto anything, these next few weeks will feel pretty karmic, confusing, and destabilizing; followed by months of the same. Lucky for us, science says I’m bullshit. Unlucky for us — using that reasoning— we won’t know when this storm ends until it does. Though there are two lights at the end of this metaphorical tunnel.


These two planets will align during the Grand Conjunction on December 21, 2020 [art by author]


Every 18–20 years, we get one grand conjunction and this year, we‘re due in December. During the solstice on 12/21/2020, Saturn and Jupiter will align low in the southern sky. This grand conjunction is really special in astrology. During the last 200 years, it only happened in the Earth signs. In 7 months, and for the next two centuries, this conjunction will only happen in Air signs. This era begins in the most fitting sign possible. My friends, we are entering an Age of Aquarius.

[note: Age of Aquarius means something else in astrology]

This shift is mystic to astrologers only because of the meaning we give it. The whole earth/air change can be explained with science using Geometry. TBH, I’m not sure what the exact science/math behind it is — I’m just confident it’s there and have a hunch it involves Geometry. [pls leave a comment if u know!]

In astrology, Capricorn represents duty, structure, logic, consistency and your boss. The Sea Goats hold it all together, when the rest of us run around like toddlers. Astrologers might go as far as to say this Earth-sign era aided the rising power of corporations, banks, global trade, conservatism and capitalist expansion. If Capricorns are suited up for business, Aquarians by comparison, are Aliens. Free spirited, progressive, and idealistic, Water-Bearers work better unpredictable than scheduled.

So far, I’m thinking this move into airy goodness might indicate a major shift in social attitudes. The Age of Aquarius is associated with the counter-culture movement during the ’60s and ’70s for a reason. If it were to happen, it might look like more social consciousness, large scale humanitarian efforts, and non-conforming attitudes creating an environment that begins to heal itself. Could this mean a society that values and takes care of its people and planet? If we must face the flames to rise in ashes, I hope it’s into this kind of future.

Only time will tell.



** Accuracy Disclaimer**

I do my darndest to explain and separate science from supernatural. Please [kindly] comment any mistakes or corrections needing my attention.

While astrology uses math and science to calculate planetary movements — the rest is strictly the words of people claiming psychic intuition — astrology is not science. My astrology interpretations are for entertainment and any connections to real-life events are likely a coincidence. And if you’re a lawyer, any connection to real life events is absolutely and unquestionably a coincidence.

My analysis examines current astrology themes and applies them to Earthly events. And with countless things going on here- anything could be in the sky and relatable to things we’re seeing. So if my predictions ever appear oddly consistent, it’s likely an illusion helped by basic probability.
I believe reputable astrologers and intuitives work to help and heal, not make a buck performing parlor tricks.

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