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‘Don’t shut up’ | True to Gemini nature, a lot of important conversations happened during this solar return.

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Oh hai Gemini,
We should all learn a thing or two from you. People often look to you in times of transition and boy, we have a lot of that right now. With that in mind, I hope you know and are communicating your boundaries… Also, discovering what self-care means for you, don’t be surprised if it’s strange, unique or even trend-setting. I hope your Solar return was a beautiful one ❤

In the Shadow
It’s a lot more comfortable admitting fault while pointing out how everyone else is at fault too… this avoids self-reflection. We shouldn’t look in the mirror to find other people. Plus once you start seeing yourself, your gift is helping others see themselves on a much more profound level. Our qualities sometimes feel like different vibration of the same energy, it’s not so much to change but to rise and do it better. Competition benefits us the most when we are competing with ourselves.

As I’m writing this, it hits me I’m talking about air signs and I was just remembering Eric Garner. In 2014, he was killed when police forcibly denied his breath. After his killer was not indicted the following December, I laid in die-ins and marched. Last month, almost six years later, Gov. Cuomo signed a bill in his name banning the chokehold that killed him. “I can’t breathe” was the rallying cry then, and it is today in wake of George Floyd’s death. The officer involved with Eric Garner’s death in 2014 was fired less than a year ago. But by Google’s approximations, people are looking this time. Reflecting on Gemini and the energy of these sacred Twins might help examine some necessary truths.

emini celebrates the idea that there is a dual nature within all of us. We probably prefer thinking of ourselves as well-meaning, sympathetic people, but we — and life — are more complicated. Compared to violent crime, most of us are outstanding, but extremes aren’t alone in harm. We’re more like mixtures of good and bad, but problems persist when we refuse accountability for the bad, and taking responsibility never uses ignorance as an excuse.

It’s practically effortless to condemn overt racism such as murder, and we should. And raging at the institutions which have allowed these atrocities to happen for centuries is a simple task. Hell, it’s easy to look at these confederate flags and statues of slaveholders and knock them down. These actions and conversations are long overdue and very necessary. But dismantling racism isn’t easy; it’s never gone away.

Fighting overt racism is probably coming fast because it keeps most us safe from accountability. These crimes are committed by faraway systems and violently racist people — things many of us are privileged to be removed from. More than retiring racist pancake brands, we need to unpack how they were profitable for so long. This probably starts in asking a lot of well-meaning people why this conversation is happening just now at the breakfast table. Ignorance is not an excuse in the digital age, it never was. “I didn’t know better” takes no responsibility and “I didn’t realize…” is not empathy or understanding.
“I was wrong, here’s why, and here’s how I’m teaching myself how to do better,” is more like it.

It takes looking at our shadow self and being comfortable with the fact that yes, we do hurtful things and even with ill intentions sometimes. Acknowledging this harmful shadow is critical because only then will it teach us. Recognizing our specific harm begins an intentional journey of having those intentions produce better actions. Many Geminis have a natural distaste for virtue signaling, and we all should. It’s not enough to say or intend the right things, we must commit to doing them. That starts by admitting we have a lot to learn. White people not thinking twice about racist imagery is the same ignorance that helps racist politicians stay in office. This all ultimately creates a system which police target Black Americans to protect white property. Let apathy kill or kill your apathy, but we all own what we choose.

I’ve had some difficulty with the [at times] tumultuous Twins, but if it’s one thing that I love about them it’s when they won’t shut up. Geminis love to learn and evolve, and that happens through their domain of communication. Another lesson we can take here is that we must continue talking about racism and undoing these systems in our country. We should embrace our inner Geminis and never shut the f*ck up about this. We need to keep uncovering and eradicating white supremacy in our conversations, families, friend groups, classrooms and world. The Twins are known for adaptability and this needs to be a part of the new normal we construct in the wake of covid-19. We didn’t create it, but we benefit from it and can eradicate it. As white and adjacent people, that means keeping the fight in our consciousness every day.

I know firsthand that there is a lot we can learn from Gemini. My natal chart is complicated because it has a 6H stellium in Sagittarius in opposition to my 12H Chiron in Gemini. Chiron, in astrology, represents our soul’s wound. In the 12th house, that means my wound is deep in the subconscious realms with the divine [thank you for that treat, Pisces]; in Gemini, it’s how I express myself and hard truths. Its placement to everything is an astrological mess that’s tough to explain, but Chiron is the wounded healer. Healing from tough lessons teaches us how we can heal others, and there’s a tough lesson before many of us — we’re responsible for this. All of it. So, let’s accept that and heal it.

❤ hollyhedral

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